Red Cotton Denim has been the vehicle for my passion to create the best fitting jeans on the market. As the only pattern maker at Red Cotton Denim, I am able to bring ideas from concept to cut & sew very quickly. From carefully designed house cuts to a fully custom pair of jeans, you can be sure that every bit of attention is being paid to fit and comfort.



I’ve always had a passion for making and fixing things by hand, and I’ve brought that love to the craft of making jeans. I’ve sourced my machines from all over the country and am proud to say that every single seam and stitch on a pair of Red Cotton Denim jeans is done by me.


Working Direct

At Red Cotton Denim I personally carry out every single step it takes to make a pair of jeans from start to finish. From tracing a pattern to sewing the last stitch, you can be sure that I’m in charge. I know who I’m selling my jeans to, and treat every transaction as the first step in building a one-on-one relationship with my customers.